About Ahimsa Mama

My little peace-makers

Ahimsa Mama is a place for socially conscious parents to explore the complexities of raising their children to be aware, compassionate and motivated global citizens.  Through non-violent parenting both within the context of home and family, as well as the way we interact with the world at large through our interactions with other people, non-human animals and the environment, we can raise a generation who will bring peace and sustainability to our planet.  It is my hope that parents and other caregivers will find helpful ideas and tips here, as well as support and comfort in knowing that you are not alone.  Respect for different viewpoints and different priorities is vital – we are all working for the same thing, namely a better and more loving world for our children and their children, though each of is on his or her own unique journey.  Readers are encouraged to share their own ideas, questions, and experiences in the comments – this blog is meant to be just the start of this vital conversation!