Why I write

writing to preserve memories of childhood and parenting

image courtesy of flickr user mrsdkrebs

Check out my guest post currently running at The Momoir Project:

My daughter’s memories, on the other hand, all seem to spring to mind in vivid color and rigorous detail at the slightest provocation. She tries to engage me in frequent games of “Remember the time…” but usually I don’t remember, or not as well as she does.

She relishes the retelling, and rakes over the recollections for nuggets of meaning. It is in the telling and re-telling, the rolling over of images and words in her mind looking for a glimpse of a larger truth, that allows her to own these memories. I love being able to give my son and daughter the sweet memories that go with a childhood well-lived. But I also want to claim some for myself.

How about you?  How do you preserve your memories?  How do you create memories worth preserving?