Motherhood as an act of creativity

I made these people. From scratch.

Please go check out my guest post at Laundry Line Divine’s Out of the Mouths of Babes series.

Through the experience of being a mother, I have finally recovered that creative part of myself that I gave up all those years ago. It may be clichéd, but that is because it is true: having children is the most profoundly and inherently creative thing that we, as humans, can do. We make a whole new person pretty much from scratch, and then we create a home and a family for that person, and we ultimately help that person to create a life for herself. The act of committing my stories to paper (or screen) and looking at them in the light of day, pulling them apart, turning them over, putting them back together, and hearing what other people think about them makes me better able to create the experiences I want for my children and for myself as their mother.

It is so important for women to claim and own and revel in that part of themselves that is creative and life-giving.  Even if we choose not to become biological mothers, or are unable to, our bodies still contain the power of life-giving love.  We need to bring that out into the world and share it, use it to nurture ourselves, the people around us, and the planet we all share.  Especially on this day, my birthday, the day that I was given life, I want to encourage women everywhere to share their unique and special gifts!