The “Boy Crisis”…and why it doesn’t exactly work out to be such a crisis after all

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If you read books like The Wonder of Boys and Raising Cain, you will learn that today’s American boys are in crisis.  As schools become more heavily focused on academic achievement and test scores, children are expected to spend more time seated quietly at their desks while physical education and recess are being squeezed out of their schedules.  The crunch is on after school as well, when time is spent going to organized activities and completing homework instead of running around outside, playing stickball and manhunt and generally letting off steam.

Boys, who on average are less inclined to sit quietly at desks and have more of a need to move their bodies, are suffering disproportionately under the current state of affairs.  Some even argue that the bias against girls in academic settings is a relic of the past.  With teachers under ever-increasing pressure, they tend to favor girls who (again on average) are more able to sit and focus for long periods of time.  This is borne out by the fact that young women are currently earning more post-secondary degrees than young men.

If women are doing better in school, and are earning more advanced degrees, then logic would dictate that the number of women in positions of power and prestige should be at least equal to, if not exceeding, the number of men.  And yet…women continue to be underrepresented in business, science, academia, medicine, and government.  The reason seems obvious:  biology is destiny, and motherhood makes the difference.

  • S.L. Bartlett

    It’s amazing to me how, in 2011, a supposedly advanced era, that women are better educated but still held back from leadership roles in society. I think it’s time women took over the world. I’ve already started with my own little world, where my husband has been trained to be docile, my three offspring boys born and raised as slaves (cheaper than buying them, LOL) and still afraid of me and respect me though they are grown and on their own. The famous “mother-look” even works on my Maltese, while she runs roughshod over my boys and husband. Says something, don’t it? hehehehe
    Good article! I’ll be checking your blog frequently in the future.

    • Kelly Coyle DiNorcia

      Thanks, and welcome!

      So true, so true. If women were in charge, imagine how different things would be…