Mama, I See a Star!

courtesy of Flickr user SigmaOrion

Harry is toilet trained.  My oldest started kindergarten and got her first loose tooth, and my baby is toilet trained.  I can’t believe how fast time is going!

Yesterday my mom was here to watch the kids so I could do some yukky yukky paperwork, and she was extra especially helpful and gave Harry his bath before she left.  She put him in pajamas, and based on my bragging that he is even dry through the night, she must have assumed that he should be in underpants and not a pull-up.  (Note:  While he is dry when he wakes up pretty much every morning, I am not willing to bet sleep on it so I do still put him in pull-ups at night.)

At bedtime, when I asked my daughter to use the bathroom one last time, Harry said, “I need to use the potty too!”  I said, “No you don’t, you’re wearing a pull-up, go to sleep!”  That’s the spirit, right?

I bet you can’t tell what comes next.

One AM:  “Mommy, I TOLD YOU I needed to use the potty!”

“Yes, you did Harry.”

“I TOLD YOU Oo-ma put me in undahweahs.”

“Yes, you did Harry.  I should listen to you better, shouldn’t I?”


So we got all cleaned up and changed, but after all that action Harry was not very interested in going back to sleep.

“Mama, my eyes hurt.”

“I know honey, that’s the Sandman telling you it’s time to go to sleep.”

“The Sandman from the beach?”

“No honey, Mr. Sandman is magic, he comes to make your eyes tired when it’s time for you to go to sleep.”


And so the night went.  After awhile, Harry lay his head on my shoulder and put his hand on my face, pushing my head so that it rested on a pile of soft blonde curls.

“Mama, look!” He was breathless with excitement.

“What?” I said, in a tone that may have sounded a little bit like snapping at him.  Seriously though, it was like three in the morning at this point and I’m a tired mama.

“Mama, I see a star!”  Sure enough, the clouds that had kept the sky a soul-sucking shade of grey for the past three days (maybe four, I lost count) had parted and there was one big bright star in the sky.  Harry hasn’t seen many stars lately.  I’m a little nutso about bedtime so the kids are ordinarily asleep by the time it’s dark enough to see them at night, and sunrise is still pretty early.  So this was big goings on for Harry.

“Yes, honey, I see it!  I see the star too!”  Sharing life with a three-year-old is pretty fun sometimes, even when you have to be awake at three in the morning (and not in a fun way).


  • astra

    What an enchanting post… thanks for sharing. My three are long past potty-training and kindergarten but stars and night skies are still magical to them – a little TOO magical as now I am griping on the curphew thing :)

  • Kelly Coyle DiNorcia

    LOL – I am NOT looking forward to those days! Thanks for visiting!